Institute Profile

The Institute of Technology, Work Processes and vocational Education (iTAB) is located at the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH). The main research interested is directed to occupational analysis and to the identification of labor market competency needs in order to transfer into the vocational education system. The application of scientific methods, instruments and procedures to strengthen vocational and academic education had been applied since 1985. Modern didactical approaches like, rapid eLearning, problem based learning, competency or work process oriented learning had been further developed to be adapted to the needs of actual work environments.

Institute reference

• The development of occupations (historical research on occupations, renewing of occupations, vocational and occupational analysis to identify needs of qualification).
• Development of holistic e-Learning, self-reflective learning and problem-based learning concepts, approaches for TVET
• Professionalization of VET-Teachers and Trainers for vocational schools and training institutes and companies.
• Design of work, technology and education with focus on vocational identity and socialization.
• Andragogic and Pedagogic concepts for VET, development of curricula and transfer of regulations into vocational schools, training institutes and companies.
• Evaluation and quality assessment of apprenticeship systems.