SCIL Trend and Community Day: AI meets Education


The ITBH was asked by the University of St. Gallen to give a lecture on the 6th scil Trend & Community Day on the potentials of AI in vocational education and training

The use of artificial intelligence in teaching and learning environments is still in its infancy. How can augmentation strategies look like to profitably use AI for education in the learning process? Education bots and chatbots are the first solutions to be shown here in prototypical implementations. So far, it is mainly assistance systems that support a learning process, but the potential becomes visible. AI can, for example, automatically generate content and produce scientific publications or be used on information and instruction platforms to offer individualised units for knowledge transfer. How will we deal with this in the future as educational designers?


Dr. Henning Klaffke and Prof. Dr. Sabine Seufert with "Pepper"

Dr. Henning Klaffke of the ITBH presented the results of a feasibility study carried out this year by the ITBH in the lecture "Potentials of AI for Vocational Education and Training". The aim of the feasibility study was to identify the potential of an AI to support the curating process of an online editorial team for a website in the field of vocational education and training.

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