digital.learning.lab at the Conference Education Digitisation 2019 in Berlin

The Forum Bildung Digitalisierung invited interested parties from education practice, education policy, education administration, science and civil society to the conference Bildung Digitalisierung in Berlin on 12 and 13 September 2019. About 1,000 educational actors from all over Germany came together under the heading "Next Practice - Educational Innovations for Digital Change".

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Prof. Sönke Knutzen and Ronny Röwert used the opportunity to discuss possible further developments of the digital.learning.lab in a Werkstattgespräch workshop with the teachers and other educational practitioners present. The digital.learning.lab, as a joint project with the German School and Vocational Training Authority and the Joachim Herz Foundation, provides teachers with impulses for digitally supported teaching. It combines open digital teaching modules, a comprehensive toolbox and trends with tips, practical examples and research findings on learning in digital times. In the workshop discussion, possibilities for motivating teachers to make more effective use of corresponding platforms were discussed. In addition, the tension between quality assurance by an editorial team and at the same time low-threshold access paths for teachers to upload new content was discussed. Subsequently, discussions were held to improve the integration and networking with other projects such as digiLL.