First Mayor Tschentscher visits DigiNet.Air

On 09 October 2019, Hamburg's First Mayor Dr. Peter Tschentscher visited the "Network Digital Learning for the Aviation Industry of the Hamburg Metropolitan Region". In the project office in the Harburg inland port, the project team showed him how it supports small and medium-sized enterprises in particular in the development and implementation of change processes within the framework of digitisation and develops further training measures for future competence requirements.

Bürgermeister Tschentscher zu Besuch bei DigiNet.Air
Photo: Sarah Buth

The Institute for Technical Education and University Didactics (ITBH) at the TUHH develops and evaluates the didactic concept of the teaching and learning modules and has developed a procedure for analysing the educational needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in times of digital structural change and, building on this, for designing education modules that are appropriate for addressees.

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